Planning is a first step in cooperation with B11 company. The only thing that Customer needs to do is to contact Us and elaborate the needs.

In this point we need as much details as Customer can give. For example:

* If You need a special truck - tell Us everything what You need.

*If some machinery are neccesary - please share with Us what type, what make and capacity You prefere.

* If You are looking for services or business cooperation - tell Us what You are looking for and how quick do You need it.


Here comes a time for step number two. Let's describe it in a few points.

1. B11 specialist and suppliers receiving a wide information concerning Customer request.

2. We are choosing the best fitted suppliers and sending the request for product/service which is needed.

3. After 7-10 days B11 is forwarding the offers to Customer (all offers are "1 to 1" - ask what does it mean)

4. Customer is making a decision to buy or to look forward more offers.


Step number three looks very easy and nice.

1. After the positive Customers decision, B11  starts the realization of order.

2. All steps are strictly controlled by B11 staff - Customer receives pictures and messages in every level.

3. When product is ready to delivery we inform the Customer and preparing the Invoice to make a final payment.

4. After the payment B11 is delivering the product/vehicle to Customers localisation within short time.

5. Customer is evaluating the process.

6. We supports Customers in all warranty period as well as tax office questions and insurance.